The offshore development at Brycen Vietnam
could reduce the development cost and still maintaining the Japanese quality.

「Even through the lower cost, but I am concerning about delivery time and quality.」

「I am worrying about the language barrier」

「Is it fine looking for an international partnerships about the continuous BPO development?」

「A lot of offshore development failed out there, I heard」

We are solving such a bad impression of the offshore development

Characteristic of Brycen Vietnam

Company located in Hue ancient capital

Our past volunteer activities for supporting the Vietnamese street children is the reason for our company located in Hue. A lot of our current software engineer is the result of this social activities.

High and stable employment retention rate

There are high turnover rate in IT company in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. However, Hue people would like working in Hue if there is a chance. Brycen is the best IT company in Hue and have higher retention rate when comparing to another Hue IT companies.

Cooperate with Japan headquarter closely

The Brycen Japan subsidiary cooperate closely with Brycen Vietnam subsidiary to provide the necessary support and discussion related to offshore development during operating the project.

Safety and Security Equipments

In order to ensure the high security and safety for the network infrastructure of Brycen Vietnam, we have to invest on the network backup line, private power generator, IC gate, security camera…
We also earned the ISO9001 and ISO/IEC27001 certification..

ー About Brycen Vietnam ー

Brycen Vietnam broadcasting
The employees of Brycen Viet Nam will post the broadcast information periodically

Offshore development in Brycen Vietnam

Contract-type offshore
]Brycen Japan will be the contact point between Brycen Vietnam and customers, for requirements definition, design, develop, and testing
Experimental-type offshore
We will work as a medium to long-term strategic partner by building a dedicated team in Brycen Vietnam that will become part of your organization.