Introduction of Managers and Leaders

Introduction of Managers and Leaders

Introduction by Manager and Leader
Works at Brycen Vietnam

Vice President Le Hong Son

Hi all.
I am responsible for the head and vice president of the development department.
My day-to-day work is to manage each project under development, review personnel plans, and create estimates for projects. In addition, we interact with customers, develop the requirements of the project on the offshore side, etc., and proceed with development.
Cooperation from many people is essential to achieve some results in your work.
Since we have to share roles and deal with issues by combining different abilities, we would like to draw out the areas we are good at from people and work together to create a good workplace.

Head of BAT team DEV Tran Phap

Hi all.
I am 31 years old and married and have one child.
I have been working in Brycen Vietnam for about six years.
My current job is as a project leader, and I am working on a development project for nursing care services.
Since this project is a long-term project, we are working hard to ensure that the work of the entire team can proceed smoothly.
I think communication is very important in non-development tasks.
Therefore, I think that it is necessary to study Japanese more. I’m busy with work and I’m less time to study Japanese, so I’m starting to feel that it’s going to be difficult, but my goal is to get N2, so I’d like to do my best in the future.

DEV Team MT Team Leader Nguyen Ngoc Khanh

I am 28 years old, married and have one child.
I have been working at Brycen Vietnam for about four years, and now I am a project leader and am involved in long-term work package development projects.
I think that the work of a project leader is not only about project management but also about communication skills. That’s why I want to improve my skills in my daily work.
In addition, most of our company’s customers are in Japan, so it is necessary to study Japanese.
My current goal is to be able to take N2, so I will do my best, although I have less time to study Japanese for business reasons.

Head of DTP Department Ton Nu Thanh Hien

Hi all.
It has been almost three years since I joined the company. He is now 25 years old. It’s been exactly three years in the middle of February next year, but I still remember the first day I joined the company. It’s a great feeling to be able to play an active part in a new environment. To introduce my work roughly, I am proofreading various maps of Japan with the team members of the map. Every day, we receive requests from our customers, not only interact with each other, but also modify and review maps with everyone. This job requires skills to use software such as illustrators and photoshop.
And more importantly, you will understand Japanese, and you will need to study Japanese knowledge in addition to your business expertise.
I know it’s difficult, but I’m working hard to get the N1 in 2016.

Head of BLJ Department Nguyen Ngoc Thi

Hi all.
I joined Brycen Vietnam seven years ago and will be 33 years old this year.
My current role is as a leader of BLJ.
As a leader, my goal is to increase the amount of work. At the same time, I think it is also important to check the progress of the members and to solve the problems that occur.
In my current job, communication in Japanese is very important, and it is a bridge between the Vietnamese side and the Japanese side. Through Japanese, members can understand the contents of the request from the Japanese side. For this reason, I am studying Japanese now so that I can cooperate well with the Japanese side. Even though I’m busy at work, I’m working hard to pass the N2 Japanese Language Proficiency Test in December this year.

Leader of the DEV Division Tran Huu Trung

Hello everyone!
I work at Brycen Vietnam for almost six years. This year 32 years.
I am currently participating in a basic System update project as a bridge engineer.
As the position of a bridge engineer between Vietnam and Japan, learning Japanese is important.
Therefore, the current goal is to practice, apply the knowledge learned and gain the Japanese language certificate N2 in the coming time.