Business Strategy

Business Strategy

ー Company policy ー

Become one of Vietnam’s leading companies to develop and BPO software that is useful to our customers.

ー Basic strategy ー

Improve the technical level and develop human resources through offshore development, operation, and maintenance operations received in Japan.
We provide the minimum cost and the highest quality by accumulating technical capabilities and business know-how and building a utilization system.
Aiming to expand the market from Vietnam to Southeast Asia.


DEV Department
We aim to expand off-sure development.
Accumulation of customer business know-how.
Support for a wide variety of development forms.
Strengthen management skills such as Bridge SE.
DTP Department
We aim to improve the work ability of each person.
Short delivery time, high-quality image processing.
We aim to expand the BPO business (DTP, CAD, data processing input).
BLJ/SERVER Department
We aim to improve the analytical ability of big data.
Switch from boilerplate analysis to analysis based on awareness.
Improved accuracy of operational operations.
BAO Department
Implementation of project support and QC activities to enhance business value.
Application Continuous ISO System (9001 – 27001).
To apply other certifications and management systems to enhance business value.
BPO Department
We always improve the expertise and improve simple business processes faster and more accurately.
Always consider consideration to be able to provide customers with the best quality products at the most incentives price.
Help customers save cost, increase trust and bring satisfaction to customers.
SALE Department
Finding and expanding cooperation with companies in Vietnam.
Share information and learn about the difficulties that businesses in Vietnam are facing to strategically cooperate.
To provide technology solutions from Japan to users in Vietnam.
General Affairs Department
We recruit and develop a wide range of human resources according to our company’s growth.
Recruitment activities to secure excellent human resources.
Collaboration with local universities and internship activities.