Company Name Brycen Vietnam Company LIMITED
Location Floors 2-6, 25 Nguyen Van Cu Street, Hue City, Viet Nam.
TEL +84 (0)234 6558332
FAX +84 (0)234 6558332
Establishment 2013
Capital 200,000USD
Board of Directors Director & CEO: Yokoyama Masayuki
Number of employees 310 members (official staff: 148 employees, Duration: 162 employees) (as of 7/2019)
Work content Software Development (Java, C/C++, VB, VC, PHP…)
Mobile software development
Database development
System design
Retail chain ordering business BPO service
Web design
DTP (mapping and image processing) service
Data entry service
Consulting services
Business Process Outsourcing
Overseas companies Brycen Japan Co., LTD
Brycen Korea Co., LTD
Brycen Myanmar Co., LTD
Brycen Combodia Co., LTD
Bank transaction SacomBank
Higashi Japan Bank

ー Company Profile ー

The Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brecen Co., Ltd. in Japan and is a local subsidiary in Vietnam established in 2013.
Located in Hue, central Vietnam, application software development, website development,
We develop and support the development and operation of demand forecasting automatic ordering system, DTP (mapping and image processing), etc.

ー Vision ー

Gaining the trust of customers through IT-related businesses and contributing to society in a wide range of ways

ー Basic Policy ー

 「Quality – Delivery date – Confidentiality

ー Slogan ー

Leading customers to success with reliable technology
We strive to improve customer satisfaction by providing customer needs at attractive prices, with quality, delivery time, and confidentiality as our quality policy.
In order to achieve this, the entire company will establish a quality management system, especially with regard to information security, and will establish an information security management system and continuously conduct management cycles for planning, implementation, evaluation, and improvement.

ー Evolution ー

04/2009 Established Brycen Vietnam Branch CO., LTD at 12 Chu van An, Hue (Number of employees: 4 people).
The start of the Linter testing and development work is the IP of Brycen Japan CO., LTD.
02/2012 Conduct the 1st recruitment (number of employees: 10 people).
02/2013 Based on the needs of career development, moving location to business to 65 Tran Hung Dao.
03/2013 Conducting recruitment for the second time (number of employees: 22 people).
08/2013 Officially established Brycen Vietnam Co., LTD in Hue.  (“Brycen Vietnam” branch in the company of Brycen Vietnam CO. LTD in Hue))
08/2013 Conduct the 3rd recruitment (number of employees: 37 people).
Moved the company headquarters to 25 Nguyen Van Cu, Hue.
15/07/2014 Obtained ISO9001 and ISO/IEC27001 certificates awarded by the UKAS accredited organization.
23/07/2014 Celebrated the one-year anniversary of Brycen Vietnam Co., LTD.
20/07/2015 Obtained ISO 27000:2013 certificate
30/12/2015 Number of employees reaches 100 people.
30/12/2017 The number of employees reached 160.
30/10/2018 The number of employees reached 233.
31/12/2018 The number of employees reached 248.
01/07/2019 The number of employees reached 310.