Greetings from the President

Greetings from the President
Director: Masayuki Yokoyama

When looking at the traffic situation without delay in a few minutes in Tokyo, I believe that Japan is the world’s best developed country, but there are still many countries in the world I don’t know about yet, and I think that there are people who have different characteristics and various possibilities from Japan.

For example, 196 countries have been published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but there are more than 300 countries in one theory, and in terms of population, the Japanese are about 1.5% of the world,and when you look at it, Japan is small and the world is large.

Our overseas business is still a small part of the world, but we come into contact with new ideas from new countries, new encounters and new things turn out. From these things, I can realize that there are things that can lead to more advanced outcomes.

That said, the year 2009, when we started, was very difficult period shortly after the global financial crisis, and that’s not just a completely successful direction.

However, there are things gained from overcoming them and I think there is today.

And this time, not how to overcome, but rather how to unite with the world, accelerate and expand globalization, think about how to provide better products to customers and the world, we think about it and feel the prefeelings are coming, we feel this job is worth doing.

I believe that those markets not only have the potential to be in front of their eyes but also long-term potential for generations to come.


Masayuki Yokoyama


“The Origin of the establishment of Brycen Vietnam Branch Joint stock company”

In February 1992 Brycen Joint stock company was the principal member of the Youth Housing Support Society “KODOMONOIE”, which supported the operation and has conducted ongoing support for the organization.

In order to create independence for children wandering the streets, the company received the children from the childcare Center in order to train technical – business and have conducted recruitment in the Brycen Co., LTD.

Moreover, to be able to operate the local business after learning the business habits of the Japanese company and leverage such knowledge and experience in business activities, on 1/4/2009 we established branches in Hue, and subsequently established Brycen Vietnam Co., LTD., in conjunction with Brycen Vietnam branch.

“About the city of Hue Socialist Republic of Vietnam”