Greetings from the President

Greetings from the President
Director: Ishii Manabu

It has been more than 25 years since the Brycen Group began its relationship with Hue.

In the beginning, Fujiki, the representative of the Brycen Group, agreed with the purpose and activities of the Association for Supporting Children’s House in Vietnam and continuously provided support to the organization.

The program began with the acceptance of street children, mainly from “Kodomo no Ie”, to study abroad at companies to learn technology and business in order to help them become self-reliant.

Today, the program has grown to include more than 350 students, and we feel that this is due to the cooperation of many people.

In this context, I am keenly aware of the importance of human relationships.

I myself have had a relationship with Hue for nearly 10 years now.

I was very anxious and did not know where I was going, but I was welcomed very warmly not only by the employees but also by the people of Hue, and I remember how much I appreciated their hospitality.

I still remember how grateful I was for the warm welcome I received from not only the employees but also from the people of the city.

I have learned from experience that Hue is home to many of the warmest and kindest people in Vietnam.

Hue people have a strong sense of teamwork, and I believe they have a very strong affinity with Japan.

I have seen many times how the clients and members of Brycen Vietnam have worked together to overcome difficult projects.

We will continue to cooperate with all of Brycen Vietnam to provide added value to our customers and to be a partner that they can always rely on when they are in need.

We hope that we will continue to develop as a member of the wonderful city of Hue.


Ishii Manabu


“The Origin of the establishment of Brycen Vietnam Branch Joint stock company”

In February 1992 Brycen Joint stock company was the principal member of the Youth Housing Support Society “KODOMONOIE”, which supported the operation and has conducted ongoing support for the organization.

In order to create independence for children wandering the streets, the company received the children from the childcare Center in order to train technical – business and have conducted recruitment in the Brycen Co., LTD.

Moreover, to be able to operate the local business after learning the business habits of the Japanese company and leverage such knowledge and experience in business activities, on 1/4/2009 we established branches in Hue, and subsequently established Brycen Vietnam Co., LTD., in conjunction with Brycen Vietnam branch.

“About the city of Hue Socialist Republic of Vietnam”