About Viet Nam

Q.How much is the time difference between Vietnam and Japan ?

A.The time difference between Vietnam and Japan is about 2 hours, because the time difference is close so it is easy to make the exchange of information immediately.

Q.What are the holidays of Vietnam ?

A.Holidays in Vietnam compared to Japan are few, for 1 year about 10 days. At the company, Staff are off on Saturdays and Sundays.

Q.What is the good point of Vietnam ?

A.The country has many efforts in IT education and Japanese education as the most characteristic point of Vietnam. Therefore, in the development of offshore tends to be less problematic from the start of the project until the completion of other countries.

About Hue

Q.Where is Hue in Viet Nam ?

A.Hue is located in the middle of Vietnam. Developed in recent years soon after Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and grow close to Da Nang City, one of the three brilliant development cities of Vietnam, the distance from Da Nang about 2 hours and a half by car.

Q.How is Hue different from Ho Chi Minh City or Ha Noi ?

A.The population of Hue is about 455000 people, compared with large cities, the size is not very large but exists in the unique culture and has a world heritage, the people of Hue always proud of Hue, and prefer to live in this land. From those things that compared to the big cities, the love of strong homeland, the work away or back to the hue of the people of Hue is also not too many, the price also tends to be cheaper.

About Brycen Vietnam

Q.How is the Japanese level of the employee ?

A.At the company, the organization teaches Japanese language for all employees.In the projects, in case the members of the Japanese company make a lot of traders but because at the company used the members who have good Japanese level instead of the cradle engineers or contact person, the communication in Japanese has no problem.

Q.Is there a problem with the security side ?

A.In the development of offshore because of the high importance of confidential information should be done in a positive way for the investment in security. Such as achieving ISO9001 and ISO/IEC27001, trying to base according to the ISMS certification standard. In addition, if desired, the security room can be prepared for projects.

Q.How is the employee’s working rate fixed ?

A.So with IT companies such as in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, the company is maintaining a high fixed rate of work in an overwhelming way. For that reason, in Hue our company is the No. 1 company that is of great interest. The company’s efforts towards satisfying employees are also being implemented in many forms.

Q.Is it possible to work on holidays or overtime ?

A.Depending on the date of delivery of the product or customer’s desire that can be adjusted. For details, please contact us.

Q.Can you investigate locally ?

A.Yes. Both when before and after the project starts are met when necessary.

Other subjects

Q.What are some explanations related to the organization’s services in Japan ?

A.Yes. Will be done at the Japanese company as needed, and are subject to the question or explanation. Please contact our company or the Japanese company comfortably.

Q.Experience offshore operations although not available, but is it working well ?

A.Employees of Japanese company or our company are experienced and achievements, but will listen to the wishes of customers and will bring out the most appropriate offshore operating methods.
In addition, the discussion involves expanding into Vietnam as it will also be the subject of contact details.