Internal events

Internal events

[2019 year] Travel in Danang – Hoi An – Vinpearl Land South Hoi An

To enhance the solidarity of Brycen Vietnam and create a comfortable relationship with each other at work, every year, all Brycen employees are traveling. Destination 2019 is a famous place in central Vietnam . Danang . Hoi An . Vinperland South Hoi An Travel schedule takes place within two days (October 9, 10)

Bana Hills Travel

On Day 2 ~ 3/10/2015, all Brycen Vietnam staff were organized by the company Bana Hills-Da Nang-Lang Co beach.

Mid-Autumn Festival

On the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival, day 26/09/2015 (14/08 lunar calendar) Director and representative of the company held the gift of mid-autumn gifts to all employees and children of staff in the company.

Organizing a football festival celebrating the International Children’s Day

On April 30/05/2015, the Football festival was held to celebrate the day  “International children 1/6 “. Brycen Vietnam hosted a large-scale football ceremony as it was the 4th time. But most of the employees of the company were involved in this time. We have split 4 teams to compete with individual soccer skills.

End of year final ceremony 2014

On 6/02/2015, our company held the final ceremony of the year end 2014 at BestWestern Premier Indochine Palace, Hue City. The total ceremony was played in the middle of the air when it was important to draw with the attendance of such guests: Mr. Nguyen Kim Dung