Organizing a football festival celebrating the International Children’s Day

On April 30/05/2015, the Football festival was held to celebrate the day  “International children 1/6 “. Brycen Vietnam hosted a large-scale football ceremony as it was the 4th time. But most of the employees of the company were involved in this time. We have split 4 teams to compete with individual soccer skills.

Under the enthusiastic cheer of a female colleague, the players also attempted to make the match more lead.

After the Football Conference, we held a feast of intimate exchanges. The director has made a team of players and elite players, the winner was awarded the Trophy championship.

Deputy director gave gifts to children.

Through this event, we look forward to the spirit of exchange between the entire staff as well as the exchange between the families of the members of the company becoming deeper, Brycen Vietnam will become a great family.