Development services are two main types of contracts

Contract-type offshore development

Brycen (Japan) will serve as a point of contact to define requirements, design, develop, test, and release with Brycen Vietnam.

In the form of a contract that starts development after determining the delivery date and the amount of money in advance with the customer, we will establish a project leader in Japan and share each phase work until the release with our members.

[Projects to fit]

・Determine The requirements and time of delivery
・Although It is the form of a contract but wants to cost
・The Trading Part is done with the Japanese

Lab-type offshore development

We will create a dedicated team in Brycen Vietnam that will be part of your organization and work as a medium- to long-term strategic partner.

It is a recommended contract form when requirements and delivery dates are not clearly determined, such as contract-based offshore development, and it is possible to flexibly respond to specification changes and additional requirements during the contract period.

[Projects to fit]

・Agile type development

・Phase to clarify requirements and required man-hours

・Continuous work such as development and operation of in-house services

Services provided

Software development
With our development experience and know-how so far, we will respond to a wide range of languages and industries.
Applications, maintenance
High security in an environment that complies with ISMS certification standards operation and maintenance work.
DTP Services
Efficient cost reduction can be achieved by outsourcing volume-rich work.
BPO Services
We provide one-stop support for expansion into Vietnam and infrastructure relocation.