In an environment that complies with ISMS certification standards
We carry out high-security operation and maintenance work.

Two peace of mind services


Providing services with security facilities close to Japan

Not only software development but also operation and maintenance work can be entrusted with peace of mind.
“Acquisition of ISO9001 and ISO27001”, “Redundancy of network lines”, “Private power generation facilities”,
“Introduction of IC gates and security cameras”, etc.
We provide high-quality, high-security operation and maintenance services close to Japan.

Application maintenance and system operation
It is possible to outsource business at a low cost and efficiently.

Maintain know-how and operational quality through high retention of members

We are an IT company with an overwhelming high retention rate compared to other companies in the same industry in Vietnam.
The fact that members become established will continue to accumulate business know-how, and at the same time, operation will gradually become more efficient.

It is possible for customers to get both cost reduction and good maintenance and operation partners.

Example of operational and maintenance performance

  • Sales forecast system operation for distribution retail (operation period: approximately 3.5 years)
  • Application maintenance for nursing care services (maintenance period: about 2 years)