Support cooperation on the training of nursing employees with the University of Medicine and pharmacy hue

During the past 1 year, Brycen Vietnam Co., LTD. Has conducted support, and on 01/11 writing cooperation towards the nursing training was signed between Hue University of Medicine and the AOMORI Social welfare group.


This event was organized by an explosive part between the FUJI Data system company and  “The Project on nursing development and dedication to the Vietnamese social community ” by Brycen CO., LTD.
During this collaboration, in response to the lack of serious nursing staff in Japan, active social missions in the nursing home in AOMORI Prefecture decided to cooperate with Hue University of Medicine and pharmacy to guide direct elderly care methods in Japan.
Brycen Vietnam has decided to assist in adjusting negotiations between the social and university work group.


At the signing ceremony after introducing the AOMORI Social Welfare Group and the University of Medicine, the two sides conducted a signing ceremony for a nursing career.
Our company will continue to devote to the social community through events such as the next free Japanese friendship exchange.
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VTVHue (The signing ceremony image starts at 10 minutes 15 seconds)