Cooperation for implementing medical care equipment in Vietnam

Brycen Vietnam Co., LTD (Director: Kamada Daisuke, head office: Hue City, Vietnam) cooperate with Fuji Data Systems CO., LTD., implementing the project of awarding medical care equipment in Vietnam.

This project is done during the time we accompany with the staff of Fuji Data Systems CO., LTD is a close customer of our company to Hue and Ho Chi Minh City, during the visit and exchange of information relating to welfare facilities, local hospitals, have found that equipment at these facilities is insufficient, at the same time we also receive suggestions for help to solve the problem. In order to implement the above project, Brycen Vietnam Co., LTD. Partnered with local efforts to obtain permission from the government of Vietnam in many of its own.
【 Plan Summary 】
1. Awarded venue: Welfare facilities, Hue City Suburban Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City
2. Awarding equipment: 45 automatic Electric bed drivers used for patient care, 25 regular beds, 18 wheelchairs and other items
3. Schedule:
Time to leave Shimizu Port: 28/8/2014
Cruise Time Da Nang Port: 10/9/2014
Awarded for Hue CITY Hospital Day: 24/9/2014
Award ceremony for welfare facilities in Ho Chi Minh City: 25/09/2014
Cooperation for implementing medical care equipment in Vietnam