We have applied several forms of Outsourcing in Vietnam. Start offering simple data Analysis Services 「 Solid・Analysis 」

Brycen Vietnam Co., LTD (Director: Mr. Kamada Daisuke; head office in Hue City, Socialist Republic of Vietnam)have conducted and analyzed the analysis of the Simple Data Analysis service 「 Solid ・Analysis 」 with Praealtus CO., LTD (headquartered in Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Mr. Hiroshi Tsuruta; abbreviated company name Praealtus) and Brycen Japan Co., LTD. (Representative Director: Mr. Fujiki Masaru; The headquarter is located in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; Abbreviated company name is Brycen).
Our company is conducting application analysis service of B-LuckJobber system to assist ordering in the form of anticipated demand is being supplied by Brycen Japan Company. This time, we appreciate the actual achievement that has contributed to the promotion of business cooperation.
「 Solid ・Analysis 」 is a service that will provide data analysis based on pre-defined terms in a short time with low cost. Providing a service that can be used “quickly at a cheap price” analysis results with adequate levels and need in everyday business for businesses who want to conduct data analysis but can not be done satisfactorily because of lack of skills in work and lack of public time , or those businesses that want to support data analysis from outside but are scheduled for time and funding, or are businesses that have a need for data analysis but want to implement it seriously after testing with a useful test.
The market for data analysis is being expanded at a high speed in recent years along with the popularity of the tool and the enhanced recognition of its usefulness. On the other hand, it is necessary to have specialized knowledge of the dominant analysis, the trustee for professionals, the excessive costs for the construction of the analysis facility in the company itself, to the effective output and the results achieved have become a problem in the loss of time. In addition, the material provided by the analyst and the presentation of the results of the analysis led to the fact that the person in charge was also difficult to interpret, also became an issue.

The “Solid ・Analysis” begins to deliver this time in order to shorten the time and cut off the personnel, before starting the analysis, decide on the terms of processing the exception value in the object data or the analysis range with the customer’s difficulty according to the specified specification. Along with the specification, Brycen Japan Co., Ltd performs the analysis and management position to transfer the job to Vietnam. In addition, Praealtus CO., LTD. Specializes in trading in the field of business procedures, maketting, trading strategies to provide easy-to-understand reports in the business including simple hypothesis using knowledge, that information. Following the method of working as this way and service mode, will provide data analysis results with short cycles between days to 1 weeks by presenting superior value to businesses that want to consider data analysis issues or businesses struggling to ensure professional talent to improve achievement.
Here are the main advantages of the simple data Analysis Service [Solid Analysis].
1. Set the price to low but does not require too high accuracy
At the beginning of the analysis, the decision by the specifications determines the conditions such as the scope of analysis, the use of distinct values, analysis methods and the implementation of the interpretation at the Outsourcing with low price. Because it has failed to handle complex human problems to improve accuracy and errors found when testing should lessen the burden on cost.
2. The results of data analysis and report results have been documented professionally
Along with the digital information of the results of detailed analysis, professional consulting activities and marketting, provide the professional predictions of that value and provide reports of records of explanations in a simple way. As there is a validation of the results in an easy-to-use form in the policy of professional improvement and in maketting, although businesses do not have intensive knowledge analysis but can still use the results of data analysis in a simple way.

 3. Analysis and reporting in a short time
After deciding on analysis conditions, we will provide the report in a few days to 1 week. In case of continuous analysis, it is possible to use the results of data analysis put on stable work, the speed of decision will accelerate as it is possible to observe the latest condition in short cycle.
The service is sold through two Praeltus companies and Brycen Company and its retail reseller stores. At the two Praeltus and Brycen companies, the service was sold with a target of 100 in the first 1 year and 500 in the next three years.
About Simple data Analysis Services (Solid Analysis)

About Simple data Analysis Services (Solid Analysis)
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There is also the case of the standard menu ※ 500,000 yen/1 times and the case set individually according to the scope of analysis