Brycen Vietnam Acquires ISO9001 and ISO27001 (ISMS) – Ensuring Thorough Security and Development Quality through Offshore Development in Vietnam

    Brycen Vietnam Co., LTD (Director: Kamada Daisuke, head Office: Hue, Vietnam) has announced the certification of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 (ISMS) in Aug. 5 this year. Achieving ISO 27001 certification from Brycen Vietnam LIMITED is the first ISMS certification in Hue City.

    Since the establishment of Vietnam branch in 2009, we endeavor to support employment, industrial development in Vietnam-Japan cooperation. In Aug. 2013, officially established Brycen Vietnam Co., LTD. Is the right home in the country, as a business in the IT sector in hue , Vietnam, along with the implementation of meeting the needs of foreign companies, the company also promotes the provision of IT solutions that customers are mainly developing countries in Southeast Asia.
Aware that it is possible to bear a lot of risk at foreign direct investment companies so that soon after the establishment of Brycen Vietnam Co., LTD, we have conducted ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification to address the lowest level of responsible sense problems for quality , term of product delivery… Create peace of mind for Japanese customers for overseas companies.
Brycen Vietnam Co., LTD. is a subsidiary company of Brycen Japan CO., LTD, but in fact, for Japanese enterprises that are using system development technology, data entry… The company’s view of Brycen Vietnam is a company specializing in the development and business work abroad. Japanese businesses still have many worries about security management related to the development, implementation of business, completion of orders at foreign direct investment companies…, to address those things the company must achieve ISO 27001 certification, perform management according to internationally recognized levels.
To enhance information security management according to the world standards, create peace of mind for customers, the company has been prepared for the work of application development, data entry services… Brycen Vietnam Co., LTD. Is doing the job of handling sensitive information, such as personal information with regulatory bodies.
In addition, in Vietnam the investment of foreign companies is predisposed to the increase, however due to the level of programmers who still have not yet mastered, the programming on demand is possible but creating products of high quality is still not reached. Therefore, in addition to obtaining ISO 27001 certification, Brycen Vietnam CO., LTD also took ISO 9001 certification, building the quality management system according to ISO 9001 standard. All employees of Brycen Vietnam CO., LTD. Clearly understand the quality management standards, method of promoting the development process based on the basic, and ready to do the job.
Brycen Vietnam Co., LTD. is continuing to expand business establishments, actively promote business operations in Southeast Asian countries.



ISO/IEC 27001:2005

Number of certificates VN.3264103 IND14.2127U
Initial certification Date July 21, 2014 July 15, 2014