Ha Long Tourism

May 3/2013, the company has organized a sightseeing tour for all employees. Tourist attractions This time is Halong Bay. The experience of participating in the tour is “Ha Long Bay is really beautiful and charming”.

Động Thiên cung

Thien an dynamic fantasy

3 Day 2 night tour from Phu Bai Hue Airport is a very enjoyable trip. To jute people to visit famous tourist attractions such as Sung Sot Cave, Ti Top Island…, enjoy the seafood dishes of Halong beach city. Also, everyone was together to stay a night on a cruise ship. Everyone sang together, chatting together very happy to draw.




Hang Sững Sốt

「Sững Sốt」Visit the Cave of Fever

Through this tour, the spirit of solidarity of the entire staff became more closely tied.