Vietnamese Women’s Day

Women’s Day is held twice a year in Vietnam. The first is “International Women’s Day” on March 8 and the second is “Vietnamese Women’s Day” on October 20. Both are women’s day, but March 8 is the world famous anniversary as “International Women’s Day”. October 20 is called “Vietnamese Women’s Day” to distinguish it from March 8.
This day becomes the “Vietnamese Women’s Day” on October 20, 1930, when the first women’s union (now the Vietnam Women’s Union) was officially established in Vietnam to enhance its status. woman. Taking this opportunity, the Communist Party of Vietnam takes October 20 every year as the anniversary of its founding and called “Vietnam Women’s Day” to pay tribute to the women.

In the successes of Brycen Vietnam, women are indispensable, and this collective has increasingly asserted its role in the overall development of the company. For these reasons, in order to honor Brycen Vietnam sisters on the occasion of October 20, and to thank their lovely colleagues, Brycen Vietnam Company organized the meeting “Welcome Vietnamese women 20-10 ”exclusively for women – a small but meaningful party took place in a joyful warm atmosphere.

Representative of the Board of Directors – Director of Yokayama Masayuki presented flowers and best wishes to female officers and staff present at the ceremony.

In this way, “Women’s Day” is truly a happy day for women and also an important day for men to convey their feelings and gratitude.