Bana Hills Travel

On Day 2 ~ 3/10/2015, all Brycen Vietnam staff were organized by the company Bana Hills-Da Nang-Lang Co beach.

Wanting to have a lot of time playing at BanaHills, everyone had gathered before the company about 5 a.m. However through the collection time of all employees, buses depart at 5 hours and 30 minutes.

After 3 hours of travel, the delegation reached Bana Hills at 8 o’clock. Waking up early will make people feel sleepy, however looking at the face who is also blooming the smile.

After that, people must move about 5.7 km by cable car to reach the summit of Bana Hills.

After capturing a commemorative shot, people took a stroll at the park, visiting some of the French old villas.

After the time of playing at Bana Hills in the evening, the group departs by bus back to Da Nang City and Rest at Saigon Tourane Hotel.
Then everyone dinner at the Blue Whale restaurant.

The next day, people continued to visit Marble Mountain and a famous temple called Linh an temple.

After splitting up Da Nang, the delegation continued to move to Lang Co beach, lunch at Thanh the restaurant and bathing.

About 3 p.m. Depart back to Hue.

This time tour with the purpose of increasing solidarity among colleagues, is a good opportunity to be able to socido with colleagues in other parts of the day with little talk.

The following year, to be able to organize a corporate tour, let’s try to work together!