Let’s run together for a green Hue

In the early morning of March 6, 2022, at Nghinh Luong Dinh (Le Duan Street, Hue City) took place the second “Hue Jogging – Run together for the community” tournament with the theme “For a green Hue”. 12 athletes from Brycen Running Club joined the rhythm of running with more than 4,500 athletes at this tournament.

The participating athletes ensure to strictly implement measures to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic, proactively test Covid-19 quickly within 24 hours, etc. Starting from Nghenh Luong Dinh with distances: 3 km, 5 km and 10 km, athletes together conquer and experience the roads with many famous monuments and landscapes of Hue: Phu Van Lau, Nghenh Luong Dinh, Da Vien Bridge, Quoc Hoc High School for Gifted Students, Hai Ba Trung High School, Phu Xuan Bridge … Favorable weather helps athletes to comfortably compete, and experience the poetic scenery at the stages.

The fact that Brycen Running Club athletes participated in the second “Hue Jogging – Run together for the community” run for the second time – 2022 not only helped spread the message of environmental protection to help Hue city become more and more “Green – Clean – Bright” with the theme “For a green Hue” but also called on other members from Brycen Vietnam company to exercise together to improve physical and mental health, as well as promote cultural images. Hue, the scenic spots, landscapes, landmarks and relics in Hue city, where the unit is located in the area.